bohemian glass benefits

This article draws attention to the benefits of Bohemian glass and its types. It also provides useful tips on how to choose real Bohemian glass and how to properly care for it.

Glasses made of real Bohemian glass, which can be purchased from at, have always been considered an indicator of the refined taste of the owners. Today, as well as for hundreds of years, Czech glass remains in demand among buyers. Glassware of the Bohemia trademark will decorate your interior, giving it a touch of luxury and aristocracy.

The highest quality products, modern production technologies and interesting design solutions are the secret of Bohemia’s success. Reasonable price makes tableware of this brand available to almost any buyer, and a rich assortment of products will satisfy the most demanding needs. Original dumplings and a fashionable tea set — glassware from the Czech Republic can transform the usual setting of your table.

Distinctive features of cookware «Bohemia»

The main advantage of Bohemian glass is its traditional quality. The transparent glass sparkles brightly, is distinguished by its special subtlety, and when it touches each other, it emits a musical ringing. Bohemian glass cannot be cloudy, it must not contain air bubbles or inclusions of small particles. Like crystal, Czech glass shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Although glass is fragile and easily damaged by impact, Bohemia cookware should not have rough edges, chips or cracks.

Types of Bohemian glass

The main types of Bohemian glass are colored, transparent and molded.

For example, utensils can be pink (with the addition of manganese), green (using iron for coloring), and red (from the addition of copper). In addition, Bohemia products can be made of matte glass, as well as glossy or even artificially aged glass.

By the type of processing, glass can be: painted, engraved and polished.

Often, Bohemian glass products are decorated with silver, gilding or gold, platinum, precious and semi-precious stones.


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